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2016 CAPHC Annual Conference - Halifax, NS

Our Preliminary Program has been posted to the Conference website and as additional information becomes available, it will be added.

At this time, our four fabulous Keynote Speakers have been confirmed and include:

Professor Tim Caulfield (@CaulfieldTim): Is Popular Culture Screwing Up the Health of Our Children and Families?

There is a ridiculous amount of science-free health and wellness advice floating around in popular culture. And much of this information is conflicting, misleading or just plain crazy. Indeed, these are strange times. Vaccination myths won’t die. Bizarre celebrity diets remain ridiculously popular. There is a growing market for unproven and often dangerous therapies. Inaccurate views about nutrition and fitness seem to dominate the popular press. In this presentation, Professor Caulfield will explore why and how health information gets so twisted, including the increasingly important role of celebrity culture. He will also review why this matters (and it does!) and how it impacts Canadian health and health policy. He will conclude by reviewing what the best available evidence says about how to live a healthy lifestyle.  

Dr. Maureen O'Donnell: Changing the Odds and Finishing First: Harnessing Our Strengths to Improve Children's Health Services in Canada

Across our nation, there are many examples of good practice and health service innovation that improve children’s health. At the same time, while health service quality improvement efforts are frequently focused on bending the cost curve and improving health outcomes for the whole population, children may be at risk of being overlooked. Funding constraints and dramatic changes in health care, including a renewed focus on primary care and integrated home and community care, make it even more important and timely that children’s health services are planned carefully and appropriately. In this presentation, Dr. O’Donnell will explore what’s possible with respect to our understanding of health status of children and youth, the relationship between health status and service delivery models, novel systems thinking and systems approaches as well as the necessary and innovative partnerships that are possible in our Canadian context. Can we harness our strengths, change the odds and become the front-runner in the race to good health for Canada’s children? 

Grace Thompson: My Nightmares Wear White

With a new twist on CAPHC’s 2016 Motivational Symposium, Grace Thompson will perform her one-person play, My Nightmares Wear White. This presentation, written by Ms. Thompson, was inspired by her experiences and challenges with an illness that consumed her life for many years and is told through different characters, stories, dreams, music, and moments. While developing the show, Ms. Thompson was interested in learning and writing about young people who have experienced trauma and the profound impact on these individuals – what it does to their youth as they find themselves in very “adult” situations. Motivated by her experiences and those of others, Ms. Thompson addresses how young people fight through and overcome trauma, how they battle injustices and how they deal with the unfair, the ugly, and most importantly, the grimness of reality.

Ian Brown:The Shared Community: A Place Where Everyone Makes a Difference

What is the value of a disabled life, given that it is so often lived in the shadow of the normal? What can disability teach us and why do we resist its lessons?  How can we create genuine communities for the disabled that let the able-bodied share their gifts?The experience of trying to understand and care for his disabled son, Walker, born with a rare genetic condition known as Cardiofaciocutaneous (CFC) syndrome, has left this internationally renowned journalist and author Ian Brown, with these profound questions. In his heartfelt and very personal presentation, Ian will share his dream for Walker and people like him. How can we make it possible for Walker and others with disabilities to live in a community that enables them to thrive and contribute; and for their contributions to be valued and recognized in the community at large so that we can all live in a world where the relationship between both communities is mutually beneficial.Our 2016 Closing Keynote presentation will be a call to action that can impact everyone’s future and an event that you will not want to miss!