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The application window for this round of the Sandbox Impact Program is now closed. Successful Project Teams will be notified in September.

Introducing the Sandbox Impact Program

The Sandbox Impact Program is a new initiative to empower collaboration to achieve better health and well-being outcomes for children and youth across Canada. This granting program builds on the success of The Sandbox Project’s innovative working model and will be awarded to initiatives that leverage multiple partners to address a specific health and well-being challenge faced by children and youth in a Canadian community or area of focus. Program participants will benefit from the multi-sector coordination and collaboration expertise that The Sandbox Project brings.

Our success in coordinating this work has taught us that a modest amount of funding can be a crucial turning point. In many cases, a few thousand dollars is what is needed to bring organizations together to uncover and leverage existing capacity that takes their shared priorities to the next level. For the current round of funding, Sandbox Impact Program applicants may request up to $10,000.

What makes the Sandbox Impact Program unique?

These grants, which have a focus on collaboration, will empower the recipients to work together to uncover challenges and devise solutions. This allows recipients to focus on addressing critical health and well-being issues in a way that allows them to refine their approach along the way and pursue creative solutions. We believe this creative approach brings out the best in people and organizations.

  • Expand your network

  • Uncover and leverage existing capacity

  • Take the time to address key aspects of your work that are not always covered by traditional program funding

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