The World's Largest Sandbox is coming back to Ottawa

June 4th, 2014

Every year, The Sandbox Project raises awareness of child and youth health issues by building the World’s Largest Sandbox in Ottawa. The Sandbox Project invites Members of Parliament, Senators, Cabinet Ministers, media personalities, not for profit organizations and industry professionals in a large sandbox with local children and school groups where they will partake in a competition building sandcastles to raise awareness about The Sandbox Project.  The goal of the world’s largest sandbox event is to raise awareness of the importance of collaborating, investing and focusing on the health and well being of our youngest citizens. 

For more information on The Sandbox Project World's Largest Sandbox Event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.

Here is some information from the 2013 World's Largest Sandbox event:
Picard: Canada is a laggard on children's health. We need to do better - The Sandbox Project