AboutKidsHealth: Trusted Answers from the Hospital for Sick Children

From the aboutkidshealth.ca website:

Mission: To improve the health and wellbeing of children in Canada and around the world by making paediatric health care information available around the globe and in multiple languages via the Internet.”

What makes us different from other children’s health websites?

We are not for profit

Our content is unbiased and evidence-based, and we are supported through government grants and partnerships that support our mission.

Our information is reviewed by leading doctors, scientists, and health professionals

AboutKidsHealth was developed by the SickKids Learning Institute in collaboration with over 300 paediatric health specialists. We are now partnering with the leading paediatric hospitals to build a collaboration in children’s health information from coast to coast. 

The scope and scale of our site is unique in the world

AboutKidsHealth contains 3,000 pages of content in English. We adhere to rigorous quality standards for the creation and review of health information, and we use high-quality medical illustration, interactivity, and video to help families better understand complex health topics.

We support families from around the world with high-quality translated health information

The full site has been translated into French and Chinese (simplified character set). English and French are Canada’s official languages, and Chinese is the 3rd most common language in Canada. Over 200 articles are also available in Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, and Tamil.

We help researchers learn how to improve child health

We are a platform for a number of multi-centre, web-based studies. We work with researchers to develop and evaluate material that helps children and families cope with a diagnosis or manage a chronic health condition.” 

To access this free resource, visit aboutkidshealth.ca