Quality Coaching Collective Digital Summit

"Can We Play a Game Now?"

A question that is asked time and again by students in your class or players on your team. All kids love playing games, but how can we make sure the games we play have purpose and meaning?

    Quality Coaching Collective Digital Summit
    November 9th 2017 @ 3pm PST/7pm EST
    3 x 30 minute webinars followed by Q&A

    Join leaders in the field of physical education, coaching and game design for a professional learning opportunity designed to enhance your practice and leave you positioned to deliver purposeful physical education and coaching through the teaching of games.

    COST: $25


    • Access to 3 Digital Summit Sessions
    • Q&A with Presenters
    • Presenter Slides & Resources
    • Replay available for those unable to attend live


    Glenn Young.png

    Glenn Young
    Physical Educator &
    Educational Change Consultant


    • Setting the Stage
    • Games Categories
    • Games Hierarchy

    Mark Verbeek
    Physical Educator &
    Movement Education Consultant


    • Leading Games
    • Small Sided Games
    • Comprehensive Games with Physical Literacy embedded

    Nathan Horne.png

    Nathan Horne
    Physical Educator
    Founder iPhys-Ed.com


    • Designing Games for Learning
    • Assessing Games for Learning