Healthy Minds Canada merges into

Helping to train, empower and amplify the voices of young mental health leaders

Healthy Minds Canada (HMC) is proud to announce the merging of its charitable organization into through the transferring of HMC’s net assets to to start the “Healthy Minds Canada Fund.” In so doing, HMC’s programming goals of community engagement and mental health education will continue through’s work, which targets Canada’s youth by ensuring young people have the support they need to care for their own mental health and that of their peers.

“Following an exhaustive review of the Canadian mental health scene, stood out as a dominant and effective leader in the mental health space and we are very impressed with the focus, energy and evidence-based approach of This evolution means that HMC will wind up its operations after over 35 years of success in advancing mental health research and education. We are thrilled that our legacy will live on through’s work,” said Healthy Minds Canada Chairman Michael Howlett.

“We are thrilled and humbled that an organization like Healthy Minds Canada - one that has spent decades working to improve the mental health of people across Canada - has such confidence in’s leadership, momentum, programming and focus,” said Eric Windeler, Founder & Executive Director of “This important leadership gift will greatly enhance our ability to train, empower, and amplify the voices of young people across Canada who are already revolutionizing mental health.”

Source: Healthy Minds Canada