New Asthma Pals Program for Kids

Asthma Society of Canada

New Asthma Pals Program for Kids

The Asthma Society of Canada (ASC) is proud to announce the Asthma Pals Mentorship Program. Developed by the University of Alberta in 2008, and following positive feedback for this program, ASC is excited to launch this support service for children with asthma across Canada.

Asthma Society of Canada - Asthma Pals Mentorship Program

The Asthma Pals Mentorship Program includes eight weekly, online social support meetings. All meetings take place over the internet, using safe and secure online meeting tools. Under the supervision of Jenna Reynolds, Director of Programs and Services, at the Asthma Society of Canada, the sessions are led by experienced peer mentors living with asthma.

The program mentors help create an inclusive and positive space for children to address any concerns, stigmas, or questions about their chronic condition. They never provide medical information. Instead, they guide the conversation, with the objective of increasing your child’s sense of belonging and confidence which can be carried through into their everyday lives.

Signing Up:
The Spring Session will run every Monday at 7PM EST from April 24 to June 19, 2017 (skipping May 22). Registration is now open with spaces being filled on a first-come first-serve basis.