PHE Canada to hold 2nd Healthy School Communities National Forum

Pathways to student achievement, health and well-being

Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) has announced details of their 2017 Healthy School Communities National Forum which will be held in Ottawa, ON from November 2-3 at The Brookstreet Hotel. This biennial National event is a must attend for community leaders and decision-makers working across sectors to improve student achievement, health and well-being in or with schools or school communities.

“The National Forum presents an opportunity for all sectors serving the same child to come together to learn from and inspire each other” says Brian Storey, PHE Canada President and CEO. “It’s a powerful, energizing way to move everyone to achieve our collective goal of healthy children and youth.” During the two-day event delegates will explore collaborative and comprehensive school health approaches as current best practice for achieving school and community based change.

The Healthy School Communities National Forum represents PHE Canada’s commitment to convening and leading initiatives that reflect the multi-dimensional nature of each child and illustrate how a solid foundation in health and physical literacy is critical to their long-term development and success. Healthy children have an increased capacity to learn and develop the values, attitudes and skills necessary to be competent, effective and resilient adults.

Creating a healthy school community is a shared responsibility and requires a whole child approach that recognizes the relationship between health and learning. When students are healthy, learning outcomes are positively affected. Students, teachers, administrators, parents, governments and community partners all have a role to play.

Join PHE Canada November 2-3, at the Healthy School Communities National Forum and experience a National community of practice committed to improving student achievement, health and well-being.

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