UNICEF Canada Foresight Report: What's the state of children and youth in Canada?


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At the Sandbox Summit on April 6, UNICEF Canada hosted a lunchtime discussion where we identified trends shaping the lives of young people, what is causing them, the signals we see them manifest, how pervasive they are, and the implications are for children and youth and for others.

Participants began by describing:

  • What seems to be improving in child and youth well-being
  • What seems to be eroding or worsening in child and youth well-being
  • Emerging issues they didn’t see five years ago
  • What they are most concerned with

From these insights, eight key trends were identified – but among participants, five groups of twelve focused on the “screen time” trend. Many of the causes of these trends are similar and many involve technology in some way. There is rising concern about mental and physical well-being within a rapidly changing society, but signs of adaptability in many young people and a perceived increase in the response of services despite systemic barriers including the effective use of information and collaboration.

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