CHILD Study awarded over $9M through Genome Canada grant

Science Minister Kirsty Duncan announces the Genome Canada funding

Science Minister Kirsty Duncan announces the Genome Canada funding

Genome Canada, in collaboration with other partners, has awarded over $9 million to a team of top Canadian researchers who will leverage AllerGen's CHILD Study to look for clues to the causes of childhood asthma in the infant gut microbiome.

The researchers will look for a way to predict which babies will go on to have asthma, based on the microorganisms living in their intestines. Knowing this, in turn, may enable the development of strategies to prevent asthma from developing in the first place.

CHILD Study Co-Director Dr. Stuart Turvey (UBC) heads the four-year project. The $4.5M funding from Genome Canada, combined with contributions from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and other partners to total $9.1M, was announced today by federal Science Minister the Honourable Kirsty Duncan.

“We are truly delighted to be recognized with this award that will ultimately help us to improve the lives of Canadian children,” says CHILD Study Director Dr. Padmaja Subbarao (Hospital for Sick Children), a co-leader for the Genome Canada grant.

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Source: AllerGen Network News