NEW CAPHC Child and Youth Mental Health Community of Practice

Building on the success of CAPHC's first four communities of practice (COP), CAPHC is now seeking to create a new COP focused on improving the delivery of mental health services to children and youth. To populate this COP, CAPHC is looking for individuals from across the continuum of care: both healthcare professionals, as well as families and individuals with lived experience, who will meet regularly via teleconference to share experiences, challenges, opportunities and knowledge.

Over the course of the next twenty-four months, the CAPHC Mental Health CoP will:

  • Collate and disseminate leading innovative and “shovel ready” Canadian and International health service delivery models for child and youth mental health
  • Leverage CAPHC channels to build awareness of child and youth mental health initiatives of partner organizations
  • Identify and disseminate innovative and leading practice models of integrated (cross ministerial) service delivery for child and youth mental health
  • Identify data sources (and gaps) relevant to child and youth mental health delivery in Canada
  • Increase the relevancy of accreditation standards relative to child and youth mental health service delivery in acute care hospitals

If you would like to become a member of the CAPHC Mental Health CoP, please fill in this form.  

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