UNICEF Canada: The Child and Youth Well-Being Index is here! (beta version)

Many Canadians say they believe Canada must be one of the best places to be a child. Many children see things differently. The facts say that we could definitely be better. UNICEF Canada is launching the Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being to signpost the way from where we stand to the place Canadians think we should be. 

The Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-Being is a framework to:

  • Communicate to Canadians what Canada is like for kids from birth to age 18

  • Track progress for their rights and well-being

  • Guide action to address the greatest challenges

From index to impact

The Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being helps focus efforts where they are greatly needed, from healthy relationships to freedom to play. To measure Canada’s ability to turn economic progress into progress for children. To raise the next generation of Canadians who stand with strong roots and reach for big dreams.

7 ways to use the Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being:

  1. Talk with children and youth about what life is like for them.

  2. Develop better data for and with children.

  3. Set bolder goals and benchmarks for community, regional and national progress for children.

  4. Advocate for children – influence decision-makers to make Canada among the best places to grow up.

  5. Design solutions - policies, investments, programs and practices that address our greatest challenges - and measure their impacts.

  6. Track progress toward commitments including the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

  7. Do this with children and youth. 

Is this what well-being looks like?

Check out the prototype in progress of the Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being. Tell UNICEF Canada if this what child and youth well-being looks like to you. UNICEF Canada will continue to refine the Index to better reflect what it means to be a society in which every child can achieve their rights and their dreams.