Early Prevalence Data from the Brock Healthy Youth Project (BYHP)


Brock Healthy Youth Project aims to understand how we can promote healthy lifestyle choices among youth

The Brock Healthy Youth Project (BHYP) is a project being led by a team of researchers from Brock University’s Lifespan Centre. BHYP aims to provide a window into adolescent brain development and health-risk behaviours. Specifically, BHYP is a collaborative effort dedicated to longitudinally examining health-risk behaviours from childhood through adolescence by investigating interactions among brain activity, genetics, endocrine status, physical activity, personality, and environmental factors. Partners in this project are involved in the full research process – from idea creation through to dissemination and evaluation.

Check out BHYP’s 12 new infographics showing early prevalence data.


Anyone interested in learning more about BHYP early results, knowledge mobilization efforts, and partner possibilities should email Jayne Morrish at jmorrish@brocku.ca