#Sandbox2018 Spotlight: The Brock Healthy Youth Project (BHYP)

As we count down to April 12th, we're sharing sneak peeks here and on social media about a few of the interesting child and youth conversations that will take place at the Sandbox Summit. We are thrilled to be joined for the first time this year by the Brock Healthy Youth Project (BHYP), who are getting ready to mobilize some exciting research findings. 

The Brock Healthy Youth Project (BHYP) is being led by a transdisciplinary team of researchers from Brock University and other Canadian and international universities, as well as partner organizations and a youth engagement committee. The goal of BHYP is to examine the link between health-risk behaviours and adolescent brain development longitudinally. The BHYP Open Space discussion will focus on key areas of the study and opportunities for partnerships and the co-production of KMb materials.

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2018 Sandbox Summit

Thursday, April 12th from 8:30 - 5 p.m.

TELUS House Toronto (25 York Street)