Spotlight on Methods and Tools: Self-evaluation Tool for Action in Partnership


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Do you work in partnership? Don’t miss this exciting webinar presentation by Gillian Kranias of Health Nexus and Angèle Bilodeau, author of the Self-Evaluation Tool for Action in Partnership. This free webinar is hosted by the National Collaborating Centre on Methods and Tools (NCCMT).

This tool provides members of a partnership with the opportunity to express perceptions and opinions on their partnership experiences. The tool’s 18 items are related to the following six requirements for effective partnership work:

  1. the range of perspectives relevant to the issue

  2. early stakeholder involvement in strategic decisions

  3. engagement of stakeholders in negotiating and influencing decisions

  4. commitment of strategic and pivotal stakeholders to the project

  5. partnership arrangements that favour equalization of power among the stakeholders

  6. partnership arrangements that help build collective action

For more information and to register, visit the National Collaborating Centre on Methods and Tools (NCCMT).