Jack.org Launches Be There to help young people in Canada learn how to support each other through mental health struggles

As we kick-off Mental Health Week across the country, Jack.org, the only Canadian charity that trains and empowers a network of young leaders who are revolutionizing mental health, is excited to launch Be There, a new online resource to help young people learn how to support each other through mental health struggles. The online resource helps fill the gap of the 61% of young people in Canada  that can recognize that someone is struggling but don't know what they can do to help. To learn more about how you can educate yourself to be there and support people that might be struggling with mental health in your life, visit BeThere.org.

"Young people struggling with their mental health are encouraged to ask for help, but too often their friends and families don't know how to respond," said Jesse Hayman, Director of Development & Communications, Jack.org. "Just talking about mental health isn't enough; we need the knowledge, skills and confidence to step-up and be there for one another.  We worked with young people across Canada to create Be There with the goal to do just that."

Of 1,200 students surveyed across Canada, 83% said they've supported a friend struggling with their mental health but only 39% of them felt they were prepared to offer the support that was needed.  At the foundation of Be There are the 5 Golden Rules, which through tips, videos and personal stories, educates people on topics like:

  • Say What You See - How to break the ice and start a conversation

  • Show You Care - How to build trust and support someone

  • Hear Them Out - How to be a good listener and balance the conversation

  • Know Your Role - How to set boundaries to protect your relationship and mental health

  • Connect to Help - How to access professional and community resource

For more information or to learn more about how we can all better support one another, please visit BeThere.org.