A Vote for Every Child

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Source: UNICEF Canada

We are the True North, strong and free. Part of that freedom is the democratic right to vote - and our next federal election is right around the corner.

In fact, our federal parties are determining their key priorities for the future of Canada and Canada’s role in the world as we speak.

Soon, your local candidates will hit the pavement, knocking on doors, and hosting BBQs looking for your vote this October.

But there are 8 million Canadians who do not get to vote in this election.

Children and youth under 18.

We must ensure young people are THE priority in this election and we can do that by building a movement of engaged Canadians like you who commit to #VoteforEveryChild! 

Will you join UNICEF Canada and make your vote in this election, a #VoteforEveryChild?

Too many children and youth in Canada live in poverty, without access to enough nutritious food or protection from violence. Many young people struggle with mental health challenges and difficult lives – and yet, politicians are not accountable to our most vulnerable citizens.  

Too many children around the world are increasingly in harm’s way, being left behind, and losing out on a childhood.

We need to remind the candidates that:

  • Canada ranks 25th out of 41 rich countries in child and youth well-being, a middle position we’ve held for over a decade.

  • 1 in 5 children in Canada lives in poverty, and all children suffer from the impacts of income inequality.

  • Indigenous children continue to suffer from funding shortfalls in public services like clean water, health care, education, and protection.

  • High quality early learning and childcare is not affordable for all families.

  • Canada must be a global leader to help eliminate all forms of violence against children in conflict.

  • We must continue to invest in global health by increasing support for affordable, comprehensive quality health care for women and children.

  • Canada must protect children in company supply chains by creating legislation that requires companies that do business in Canada to identify, prevent, respond to and report about their human rights impacts in Canada and around the world.

In just two quick steps, you can send a letter directly to Canada’s political leaders to tell them what is important to YOU this election.