FREE from Asthma Canada: September Asthma Peak Resources

Source: Asthma Canada

September is the month when children across Canada return to school.

Unfortunately, the September back-to-school period brings a dramatic increase in hospitalizations for children with asthma. The third week of September, in particular, is known as the September Asthma Peak.

In Canada, approximately 20% to 25% of children’s hospital admissions for asthma occur in September.

There are numerous causes for the spike in asthma exacerbation in school-aged children around the third week of September. Kids returning to school face increased exposure to viral infections and rhinovirus (the common cold), both of which are common asthma triggers.

The good news is, with proper management, most asthma-related hospital admissions can be avoided. Asthma Canada offers a number of resources to help you prepare your children for a safe and healthy return to school.

Visit Asthma Canada to download the new September Asthma Peak resources.