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Food Allergy Canada: This Halloween, shine a light on food allergy

For kids with food allergies, Halloween can present a few challenges and it can be overwhelming at times for parents, especially if you have a child who is newly diagnosed with food allergies.

So how can we take the fright out of food allergies, and make Halloween a safer, more inclusive holiday for everyone? By shining a teal light on the issue!

Food Allergy Canada has launched a new Canadian Halloween campaign focused on driving food allergy awareness and support for kids with this medical condition. They’re asking everyone to Shine a light on food allergies by placing a teal light on your porch on Halloween night.

Check out Food Allergy Canada’s new Halloween section to learn more about this new initiative. Be sure to take advantage of their tips, tools, and other resources, so you can navigate this holiday with confidence.

Don’t "Dis" My Ability

Partner post by Michelle McClure, Executive Director of Ability Online

At Ability Online, we help our members - young people of ALL abilities - discover their potential and abilities and help them enhance those  abilities by building confidence and self-esteem; letting them know they are not alone and providing opportunities to develop skills that will enhance independence and open the door to inclusion. By connecting them to role models and mentors they begin to explore possibilities for community involvement (sports and recreation; friendships), volunteer work or employment opportunities or something even bigger!

On December 3rd, International Day for Persons with Disabilities,  we launched our Don’t "Dis" My Ability social media campaign. Sharing on Twitter and Facebook, people will see inspiring stories from our members. They will be  invited to share their own stories or to head to Ability Online to engage with others. The goal is to keep the conversation going.

We will keep posting stories as we build up to February 28th, National Pink Shirt Day - to show the world how we stand up to bullying. We are proud of the fact that Ability Online has been bully-free for 27 years! Check out our I AM AWESOME pink shirts which will go on sale in January. All proceeds go to our Bully Bouncer program.

Visit Ability Online for more information or send a message to Michelle McClure at

 We all have the ability to do something that others can’t do - what is your thing?

Stories, presented by TELUS: Meet Alicia

TELUS has recently launched Stories, presented by TELUS, a new platform that showcases the personal narratives of ordinary Canadians on the things we all care about most: staying well, building healthy and diverse communities, living our connected lives, caring for our planet and growing our businesses.

The first episode features the YCRH's Alicia Raimundo using technology to help young people manage mental health.  Please watch below: 

For more on Stories, please click here