Injury Prevention

Featured Partner Resource: TheyWill2

The South West Injury Prevention Network has created the TheyWill2 website to encourage parents and caregivers to role model bike helmets:

According to a 2015 Ontario Injury Compass report, 589 Ontario children under the age of 14 years old, the equivalent of 23 classrooms of children, suffered a head injury from bicycling in 2010/2011. 

Falls account for 85% of bicycle-related injury but research shows that a properly fitted helmet reduces the risk of a traumatic head injury by 85%. In other words, the risk of a traumatic brain injury to cyclists is largely preventable.

Role modelling is one way adults can help reduce traumatic brain injury in children by making helmet use the norm. When parents, grandparents and caregivers wear a bike helmet they're showing a child that safety is important. Make bicycle helmets a non-negotiable family rule and wear a helmet every time you ride your bicycle.


For information on bicycle safety visit

Parachute's Horizon: Up-to-date injury prevention resource hub

Parachute’s Horizon is the first stop for evidence-based injury prevention solutions. This is truly a game changer: an online hub that connects Canadians with leading practice solutions for injury prevention. Preventable injury can impact anyone throughout all walks of life, whether that is injury on the road, on the sports field, at play, at work, or at home. Preventing injuries is critical.

Vision Zero: A lecture on the future of road safety

Parachute to host Vision Zero: A lecture on the future of road safety event

The multi-national road traffic safety project has been gaining traction across the world with cities in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States jumping on board. Parachute is happy to host Vision Zero: A lecture on the future of road safety, a dialogue on leading practices from a pioneer in the field. The purpose is to inspire collective action in Toronto around the future of road safety. Dr. Belin’s learnings are instrumental in envisioning how road safety and urbanism in cities like Toronto.

Young worker safety is everyone's responsibility

This spring, members of the Young Canadians Roundtable on Health were given the opportunity to attend training sessions offered by Aecon Group to be educated about workplace health and safety. From the beginning it was very clear that we were learning from people who are experienced in the field of injury prevention and passionate about building a safety culture in the workplace. I was particularly impressed with the amount of resources dedicated to workers’ safety through initiatives such as the Young Workers Program and routine Safety Moments.

The Globe and Mail: Canada is a laggard on children’s health. We need to do better – The Sandbox Project

The Globe and Mail's André Picard writes about Canada's ranking when it comes to kids' health and The Sandbox Project

With the desk-banging, heckling and mock outrage that passes for debate in Question Period, the ham-fisted attempts to steal from the cookie jar that is the public treasury and the almost laughable denials of the obvious, the antics of Parliamentarians can, at times, seem childish.

So it is nice to see that someone has thought it fit to set up a big sandbox near Parliament Hill – complete with pails and shovels – and invite MPs and Senators alike to come play.

The “world’s biggest sandbox” (as it is billed) is not designed to mock the foibles of elected officials but rather to engage them, to remind them that, when it comes to kids’ health, Canada can do a lot better.