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Stories, presented by TELUS: Meet Alicia

TELUS has recently launched Stories, presented by TELUS, a new platform that showcases the personal narratives of ordinary Canadians on the things we all care about most: staying well, building healthy and diverse communities, living our connected lives, caring for our planet and growing our businesses.

The first episode features the YCRH's Alicia Raimundo using technology to help young people manage mental health.  Please watch below: 

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Run to Wellness: From strolls to sprints, from neighbourhood to nation

Jacob Morris to run 211 kilometres in 30 days to raise mental health awareness

Less than two years ago, Jacob Morris startled from sleep from what felt like a heart attack.  With his heartbeat racing, profuse sweating and shortness of breath, Jacob believed he was going to die. 

“I unlocked my front door so if I died, the paramedics wouldn’t have to break it down when they came in,” Jacob, 26, recounted.  “And I wrote down my bank passwords too, so my family could just clear it out without any issue.”

Telemental Health: An Approach to Addressing Mental Health Care Disparities for Children and Adolescents

Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology

Special Issue on Telemental Health: An Approach to Addressing Mental Health Care Disparities for Children and Adolescents. Kathleen Myers, MD, MPH, MS, and Jonathan S. Comer, PhD, Guest Editors

Complete special issue:

Introduction: The Case for Telemental Health for Improving the Accessibility and Quality of Children’s Mental Health Services

Healthy Minds Canada’s (HMC) online mental health tool for parents

At Healthy Minds Canada, we repeatedly hear how overwhelmed parents feel when first caring for a child with behavioural and mental problems. Add to that the often overwhelming task of navigating Canada’s mental health system on behalf of their children and parents can feel lost, confused and frustrated.

To help, HMC spent years working with parents, teachers, and other caregivers to adapt the content of our Families version of When Something’s Wrong, our resource handbook, and supplemented with assessed suggestions from other parents.  

When Something's Wrong - Strategies for Teachers & Ideas for Families

Presenting Healthy Minds Canada's When Something's Wrong Resource Handbooks

Our When Something's Wrong - Strategies for Teachers is a quick reference guide of useful classroom strategies to help elementary and secondary school teachers and administrators understand and assist students with mood, behaviour or thinking problems.

When Something's Wrong - Ideas for Families is a quick reference guide of useful coping strategies and resources for parents and caregivers to help them with children who have mood behaviour or thinking problems.