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The Sandbox Project to host 4th national conference

Announcing the 2014 Sandbox Project National Conference

TORONTO, Jan. 22, 2014 /CNW/ - A national conference organized by The Sandbox Project will bring together leading experts and advocates in child and youth health from across Canada on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 in Toronto.

The conference comes as The Sandbox Project prepares to launch the second phase of The Sandbox Project Mental Health Initiative, a digital mental health platform currently being piloted that helps The Sandbox Project to fulfill its mandate of making Canada the healthiest place in the world for young people to grow up.

The Sandbox Project 2014 Conference

The Sandbox Project 2014 Itinerary and Conference Information

Afternoon Breakout Description

As you know, The Sandbox Project exists to foster a collective energy to generate solutions across sectors, disciplines and fields of expertise for accelerating improvements in child and youth health in Canada. Recent studies and releases have shown moderate improvement in the international benchmarks for Canadian child and youth health however, we must focus on the goal of making Canada the healthiest place in the work for children and youth. The afternoon session will focus participants on the following question: In light of recent international measurements of Canadian child and youth health, what about our collaborations needs to change and how in order to significantly improve Canada's performance in influencing and resourcing the healthy development of all Canadian children and youth?