Engaging Youth in Conversations about Toxic Chemicals through the EduTOX Video Challenge

While the use of chemical substances can improve our standard of living, many can cause unintended health effects. Chemical substances that we encounter in day-to-day life can be determined hazardous based on factors including toxicity – the potential of a chemical to be harmful – and the route and duration of exposure. Studies have shown that one’s exposure to chemical substances can begin as early as the embryo and fetus development phase, through the blood vessels of the placenta in the womb. Hazardous chemicals like mercury, lead, BPA, asbestos, phthalates and many others can be inhaled, ingested, or even absorbed through the skin and pose a great risk to human health. As the use of chemical substances and additives increases with each generation, so too does the risk to all children and youth. So how do we take action and inform youth about the impacts of these potential toxins?

By making them a part of the solution of course!

Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award ($1000 post-secondary)

From Food Allergy Canada: 

June 10th is the deadline to apply for the seventh annual Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award

This award is dedicated to Sabrina Shannon, an inspiring teenager who suffered a fatal anaphylactic reaction in 2003. During her life, Sabrina helped to raise awareness about food allergy by creating a first-person radio documentary, "A Nutty Tale," which aired on CBC Radio in 2001. Since her passing, Sabrina's parents and other members of the allergy community have kept Sabrina's spirit alive by advocating for allergy-aware school environments. In 2005, Sabrina's Law was passed in Ontario, resulting in landmark legislation that has influenced school anaphylaxis policies across Canada.

Anaphylaxis in the Community: What Parents and Others Need to Know

From Food Allergy Canada:

We are pleased to announce our latest online learning tool, Anaphylaxis in the Community: What Parents and Others Need to Know available at allergyaware.ca. Developed with Leap Learning Technologies Inc. and in collaboration with the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, this free, medically-reviewed resource is designed for people with potentially life-threatening allergies and those who care for them. The launch of this interactive course, offered in English and French is timed with the celebration of Food Allergy Awareness Month (May 2016). Further details are included in our press release and "Are you Prepared?" flyer.

We encourage you to visit allergyaware.ca and share this information with others who are interested in food allergy and anaphylaxis.

Fighting for Breath: Severe Asthma Conference

Registration for the Asthma Society of Canada's Fighting for Breath: Severe Asthma Conference is now open

Fighting for Breath: Severe Asthma Conference will bring together clinicians, patients, researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders to examine the complex health, social and economic issues related to Severe Asthma and issue a call-to-action for decision makers.