Youth Climate Action Summit

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 from 1:30 - 5:30 p.m.

6o Lowther Avenue, Toronto


More than ever, young Canadians are raising their voices to bring awareness to the climate crisis. But how can young people get their voices listened to in the halls of power? On September 22nd, young leaders met in Toronto to develop their skills as climate activists and advocates in their communities

The Sandbox Project and the Young Canadians Roundtable on Health were proud to be part of a collaborative hosting team that included Dr. Dianne Saxe (former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario), Irwin Elman (former Ontario Child Advocate), Jan Kasperski, Climate Strike Canada, ClimateFast, Fridays for Future Toronto and KAIROS.

Program Highlights

Opening panel

• Irwin Elman, former Ontario Child Advocate 
• Allie Rougeot, Fridays for Future Toronto/Climate Strike Canada
• Emma Lim, Climate Strike Canada 
• Dr. Dianne Saxe, President, Saxe Facts and 2015-2019 Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Breakout workshops

• Evolutionary leadership skills lab - Building the capacity physically and mentally to be a Warrior for the World with Satya Robinson and Jon Love, JLS Global

About this workshop: Experience powerful speech and action as you wake up, stand up and step up confidently with courage to face the challenges of leadership in the movement to reverse global warming. Articulate your own purpose and commitments, and learn practices to deepen the skills you have developed.

• Investigative skills to get to the truth behind what you’re being told with Sheldon Fernandes, Brightspot Climate

About this workshop: We’re constantly inundated with news from various sources – social media, traditional media, word of mouth, and more. This news is often accompanied by big claims. How do you know who to trust? Should you trust that what they’re saying is accurate? This workshop will develop your investigative skills in order to get to the truth behind what you’re being told.

• Civil disobedience and the law with Marlys Edwardh CM, litigation and civil rights lawyer

 Ask me about climate science with Prof. William Gough, University of Toronto Scarborough

• How climate impacts health, and how to talk about it with Jan Kasperski, PMH Healthcare Consulting

• How to talk effectively to government and media with Don Huff, President of ECO Strategy