CHILD Study awarded over $9M through Genome Canada grant

Science Minister Kirsty Duncan announces the Genome Canada funding

Science Minister Kirsty Duncan announces the Genome Canada funding

Genome Canada, in collaboration with other partners, has awarded over $9 million to a team of top Canadian researchers who will leverage AllerGen's CHILD Study to look for clues to the causes of childhood asthma in the infant gut microbiome.

The researchers will look for a way to predict which babies will go on to have asthma, based on the microorganisms living in their intestines. Knowing this, in turn, may enable the development of strategies to prevent asthma from developing in the first place.

CHILD Study Co-Director Dr. Stuart Turvey (UBC) heads the four-year project. The $4.5M funding from Genome Canada, combined with contributions from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and other partners to total $9.1M, was announced today by federal Science Minister the Honourable Kirsty Duncan.

“We are truly delighted to be recognized with this award that will ultimately help us to improve the lives of Canadian children,” says CHILD Study Director Dr. Padmaja Subbarao (Hospital for Sick Children), a co-leader for the Genome Canada grant.

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Wisdom2Action Vancouver: Embrace Life

Wisdom2Action Embrace Life will bring together community service providers, researchers, educators, policy makers, youth, and others who are involved in suicide prevention and support initiatives.

Emphasis will be on sharing the perspectives of youth-led initiatives and adult-youth co-created programs. The event will provide an opportunity to share promising practices to improve services to those affected by suicide. Participants will have the opportunity to meet others doing similar work and develop networks to share best and promising innovations.

This event will be held at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre in partnership with Mental Health Commission of CanadaYouth Mental Health Association in British Columbia, Embrace Life Council in Nunavut, Mental Health Commission of Canada, Canadian Red Cross, and Wisdom2Action's Hubs partners, Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre in Iqaluit, Nunavut; the Centre de liaison sur l’intervention et la prévention psychosociales in Montreal, Quebec; and, the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health in Ottawa, Ontario. 

Click here to visit the Wisdom2Action registration page. For more information, please contact Wisdom2Action:

Recasting Recess: PHE Canada Announces New Partnership

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Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Recess Project as part of its commitment to supporting all children and youth living healthy, physically active lives. The United Nations High Commission for Human Rights recognizes PLAY as an essential right of every child. When one considers the length of time children spend in school, recess becomes a critical time for socializing, connecting and engaging in play. The Recess Project aims to radically revolutionize recess and promote active, inclusive and accessible recess environments for Canadian children and youth.
Dr. Lauren McNamara has led the delivery of the Recess Project since 2012 in response to the disturbing trends in Canadian schools: barren play areas, minimal supervision, crowded and chaotic play spaces, and, for some children what was and is a negative and unsettling experience. With initial funding from Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities and Walker Industries, Dr. McNamara initiated a pilot project in Southern Ontario, which resulted in extremely positive outcomes. A unique aspect of the pilot, and a testament to its success, is the involvement of university and elementary students to act as recess coordinators in the schools - a model adapted from in the US.

Today, Dr. McNamara and PHE Canada are thrilled to announce their partnership to expand the project across Canada. “PHE Canada’s network reaches into every province and territory making us a logical partner to grow this project with Dr. McNamara” says Melanie Davis, PHE Canada CEO and Executive Director. “Together we can advance our collective vision of all children and youth living healthy, physically active lives.”
The Recess Project has also received support from the McConnell Foundation to grow the project nationally. PHE Canada is welcoming letters of interest for a National Advisory Committee to provide guidance and oversight to the project. This expert group will help to propel the program and a national movement forward across the country. The project expects to reach 50 new school sites within the first two years.
For more information on the Recess Project, please contact PHE Canada at