• Reaching for the top

    A Report by the Advisor on Healthy Children & Youth

    Read Dr. Leitch’s report on children’s health in Canada.

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  • Our mission

    To make Canada the healthiest place on earth for kids to grow up. Working directly with parents, business, health industry leaders, governments and non-governmental organizations to raise awareness, pursue research, and develop solutions.
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  • Transition facilitation

    Independent Transition Facilitation is a new program aimed at assisting high school aged youth with intellectual disabilities to make successful transitions from school to employment
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About The Sandbox Project

Our vision is to help make Canada the healthiest place on earth for children and youth to grow up. Our ambitious but achievable goal is to make measurable progress against international health indicators within the next five years. In particular, we are focused on improving health outcomes with respect to injury prevention, obesity, mental health, and the environment.

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Download The White Paper

Strategic Action Plan To Improve the Wellbeing of Canadian Children and Youth

ACTION THROUGH COLLABORATION is The Sandbox Project's first white paper. Named for the Sandbox Project's Inaugural 2011 conference where more than 300 concerned stakeholders met to exchange ideas and best practices for achieving immediate and sustainable improvement in the health of Canada's children and youth; the white paper outlines the scope of the organization and directs stakeholder efforts in its first year of operation.

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  • Clearing the Air: the 2nd Annual Conference of the Asthma Society of Canada
    March 25, 2015


  • Parents Canada magazine: 60 Minute Kids' Club co-founder Matt Young on childhood obesity and inactivity
    March 22, 2015


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