While Canada is among the most prosperous nations in the world, we rank unacceptably low among our peer countries when it comes to children’s health.

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The Sandbox Project is about one thing: making Canada the healthiest place in the world for children to grow up by supporting their health, safety, and well-being.

We have a long way to go in all of these areas. In fact, Canada ranked 25th out of the 41 countries surveyed in UNICEF’s most recent study of child well-being.

That is why the Sandbox Project is here – to bring leading individuals and organizations together to ensure that all children in Canada get all the support and care they need to become healthy, active, well-adjusted and contributing adults in our society.


Fostering a Creative & Collaborative Environment

The Sandbox Project believes there is strength in numbers.

We help drive results by eliminating the duplication of effort and redundant costs commonly seen in this space by solving broad and complex health and well-being issues to improve the lives of Canadian children.  

The Sandbox Project creates the opportunity and the environment for discussion, collaboration, problem-solving, sharing, and idea generation. Working with health care professionals, community organizations, researchers and academics, charities, not-for profits, government policy makers, subject matter experts, business and industry leaders, youth and parents, we serve as an incubator for innovation and creativity, a place where information, knowledge, insights, research and best practices are freely shared.

The organizations involved all know that we can achieve more and make faster progress when we work together. They recognize that the issues involved are complex and multi-faceted, making it difficult for one organization to solve them independently.


Serving as a Champion for Canadian Child and Youth Health

We seek to achieve sustainable and relevant national results in the following specific areas most impacting child and youth health and well-being:

  • Child Safety and Injury Prevention, including the development of strategies to increase quality physical activity and reduce serious injury;

  • Growing Healthy Bodies, including the development of strategies to reduce childhood obesity;

  • Mental Health and Wellness, including actions to improve access to child and youth mental health care;

  • The Environment, including strategies to reduce the impact of environmental factors influencing children’s health; and,

  • Empowering Young Canadians to be strong voices on issues relating to child and youth health.

I was impressed in every way. The youth were outstanding, confident and fun, and the agenda and format worked very well. You have remarkable funders, and some of them attended (because they believe in you and they care). I feel that I witnessed hope and promise for the future of our kids.
— 2016 Sandbox Project Conference participant
The event was the best one I have been a part of. It was well-planned, fast paced and informative, but it also left plenty of room for people to network and have conversations beyond the activities.

Great work!
— 2017 Sandbox Summit participant
There are so many amazing organizations here doing incredible work, with such passion and innovation. I really valued how the underlying tone/focus was that we really need to do our best not to duplicate efforts, but rather join forces and partner with each other. We do have the same outcome in mind, so why not help each other get there? It makes a lot more sense.
— 2017 Sandbox Summit participant