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Hosted by The Sandbox Project and the Young Canadians Roundtable on Health, the 2019 Sandbox Summit invites youth, researchers, practitioners, non-profits, corporate Canada, families and policymakers to work collaboratively to improve health outcomes for young people across Canada.

Our 9th annual stakeholder gathering is an opportunity for interactive learning and cross-sector collaboration to solve the most pressing challenges in child and youth health and wellbeing. This year's event will feature participant-led sessions that will invite individuals and organizations from across Canada to share their own promising practices and opportunities for meaningful co-creation and collaboration.

2019 Theme: Collaboration that Counts

Collaboration is more than playing nicely together in the sandbox. Effective cross-sector collaboration can stretch resources further, generate new insights, allow for authentic knowledge-user engagement, and accelerate improvements in health and wellbeing for Canada’s children and youth. 

But in this continuously transforming field, what are the practical models that bring us together? This year, we’re taking a candid look at the processes that drive successful collaboration across sectors. You will hear from and interact with teams who are leading innovative Canadian projects in various stages, and learn about the collaborative mechanisms that are helping them to achieve their goals. Child and youth researchers and advocates; businesspeople; youth and policymakers will share their processes and lessons learned; seek input from the experiences of other participants; and define the tangible benefits that each of us can gain by working together.

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Thursday, April 11 at 9:30 a.m.
TELUS Harbour, third floor
25 York Street, Toronto

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