Parents Canada magazine: 60 Minute Kids' Club co-founder Matt Young on childhood obesity and inactivity

Matt Young, co-founder of 60 Minute Kids' Club, wrote an article on childhood obesity and inactivity for Parents Canada magazine

Childhood obesity and inactivity

A great deal of time, money and energy has been invested in discussing what it will take to raise the bar on our children's health and physical activity. As childhood obesity rates continue to rise, we need to move beyond talk. We need practical, measureable solutions.

Thankfully, it seems to be happening. People are starting to realize that there is no single “silver bullet” solution to fighting the obesity epidemic. People are recognizing we need a multifaceted, “silver buckshot” approach that addresses all of the causes of inactivity and obesity. This is progress.

But soon we will face a practical question: How will we know when we have turned things around for our children?

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