The Time is Now: Establish a Commission for Children and Youth in Canada

Today, the Canadian Child and Youth Health Coalition (CCYHC) announced a Call to Action for Canada to establish a Commission for Children and Youth. A Commission for Children and Youth in Canada will bring together experts and stakeholders from across Canada who will help to inform and guide government in ways to:

  • Ensure all children in Canada have a good start in life by addressing social inequality
  • Improve Canada’s standing in the world as it relates to child & youth well-being (currently ranked 26th out of 41 countries, UNICEF 2016)
  • Achieve long-term health, social and economic benefits for individuals, communities and Canada

The Call to Action was developed with the participation of 10 national paediatric health organizations working together with a common vision to advance the health and health care of Canada’s children and youth. As a Coalition member, The Sandbox Project endorses this Call to Action: A non-partisan, collaborative approach is needed to take on emerging issues on a national level in order to ensure a healthy start in life for children and youth living in Canada.

CCYHC will be sharing an update and leading an advocacy discussion on this subject at the 2018 Sandbox Summit in Toronto. Join us and our partner organizations on April 12th as we work together to bring this important idea forward.