imTeen Wins International Award

WeUsThem has received an international W3 award for creative excellence in the design of the imTEEN app. imTEEN empowers youth to track and take care of their mental health on a daily basis.

In partnership with Telus Health, The Sandbox Project and Dr. Stan Kutcher, WeUsThem designed a comprehensive, user-friendly app. With imTEEN, teens can monitor signs and symptoms of mental illness (with physical illnesses to come shortly).

"imTEEN is an integral part of an electronic youth mental health care solution that helps young people get well and stay well, linking them with their care providers for best evidence available care. This solution has been designed for use in primary care settings to help enhance rapid access to effective mental health care for young people and their families,” said Dr. Stan Kutcher. “Recent research findings have demonstrated that it is ready for application in those community settings interested in applying innovative solutions to improve mental health care of young people.”

The app is connected to the Telus Electronic Health Record allowing for live updates to flow through to the user’s doctor. Users can send information on medications, assessments and activities they undertake directly to healthcare providers. This information is used for early intervention or continuing care and opens up communication between the user, their healthcare provider and loved ones.

“The Sandbox Project’s network of child and youth health professionals tell us that to address the challenges of access to youth mental health services, what we really need is creative innovation by experts, youth, and the public and private sectors working together,” said Christine Hampson, Ph.D., President & CEO of The Sandbox Project. “We’re honoured to see the fruits of this collaboration recognized through the W3 Award.”

Through market research and extensive healthcare marketing experience, WeUsThem created an app that appeals to youth and opens up communication. With a professional and engaging presentation, the app changes the way youth communicate symptoms and progress with healthcare providers.

“We are so proud to have been a part of creating imTEEN. Working toward a healthier society is a tremendous task, but working as a collective across industries will make great headway.”, says Ashwin Kutty, CEO of WeUsThem. “Receiving this award is both an accomplishment for us and the progression toward making mental healthcare accessible for all.”

Source: WeUsThem

imTeen and the Sandbox Youth Mental Heath Initiative are made possible by a group of supporters working to make a difference in the lives of Canada's young people: 

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The Citrine Foundation of Canada